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Live the dream. Do something which you know will affect the lives of millions the world over, which will change the way businesses, consumers, even the government thinks. Get out of bed in the morning for that adrenalin hit, love the pace, love the challenge, love doing what has never been done before – and love being the best you’ve ever been. And what’s more, owning part of what you’ve created.

Meet some of the team...

What’s your role at TruRating?
I’ve historically managed the partnerships side – working with the payments companies so they can roll out our app to their retailers etc. Now we’re bigger we have some amazing people to help and I spend my time on product, strategy, brand, PR, and investment etc. – and also, a fair bit on planes.

What made you join?
I guess this should be, what made me start...apart from knowing if I could make my idea fly, it could change the world, I was joined early doors by my husband, friends, cousin etc. who all believed in it too – enough to leave their amazing jobs and sit on our £15 Ikea chairs in a cramped attic and work super hard for the dream. With that trust, energy and momentum I knew I had to make it fly.

Which parts of working life at TruRating would you rate a 9 for?
I like the freedom which we have – work from home when you want to pop to see your daughter in her first nativity play, or start work a bit late so you can drop the kids to school, or leave early so you’ll always make bath time. Freedom to wear what you want (often our developers will wear no shoes -apparently better for coding?!), listen to whatever music you want on Sonos (although songs have been known to be bumped…outrage ) make your own Ocado request (we now have Milkybars on tap for me) and manage your own time. Hopefully we’re building a company where there’s very little hierarchy, where everyone owns what they are building, and everyone has a voice to shape and better our product. It’s teamtru.

"We’re building a company where there’s very little hierarchy, where everyone owns what they are building..."

Georgina Nelson, CEO & Founder

What’s your role at TruRating?
My role is to create new partnerships with global hardware, middleware, software and processor providers. And then support them on their journey with TruRating, once they are working alongside us. I work closely with all the different disciplines across our company in our 3 continents - sales, marketing, tech, dev, legal, etc. It's a lot of fun because we are all equally passionate about the global success we're trying to achieve here.

What made you join?
I liked the idea of an innovative service, capable of helping businesses make their day-to-day decisions faster, easier, better. To me, the concept is brilliant because it’s simple and easy to understand. At least it sounds simple. We then make it easy to implement, with TruRating doing all the heavy lifting in the background.

Which parts of working life at TruRating would you rate a 9 for?
Getting back to working with a small team. Everyone is happy to lend a hand even though they are super busy. We are all working toward the same goal and know that helping a colleague helps the team.

"I liked the idea of an innovative service, capable of helping businesses make their day-to-day decisions faster, easier, better."

Joe Rodriguez, Director of Partnerships, US

What’s your role at TruRating?
I joined TruRating as a Business Analyst last summer and have been working in the Product team. It’s been a fantastic ride working with the friendliest people I’ve ever met. There are so many opportunities for growth here, allowing you to pursue your passions. For example I've voluntarily taken on the role of a Scrum Master and additional Project management. I've been able to use my expertise to add a level of structure to our fast growing business, and make a real improvement to the way the team works, which has given me a huge sense of achievement.

What made you join?
The innovative and revolutionary idea of providing real customer insight from feedback is unique and exciting in the market. And I could tell working here would be a lot of fun, having caught sight of the comfy colourful sofa, and multicoloured office chairs when I came for the interview.

Which parts of working life at TruRating would you rate a 9 for?
Working with our fantastic multi skilled dev team - a unique bunch of hardworking people with diverse talents!

"There are so many opportunities for growth here."

Tania de Wouters, Business Analyst

What’s your role at TruRating?
I’m responsible for working with our partners in the POS and payment industries, and with merchants, designing the ways that our application can most efficiently work with their systems.

What made you join?
I was introduced to Georgina Nelson when she was looking for someone to help her work with the payment companies, to bring her idea of ratings questions to life. It seemed like such a great idea, and one that leant itself to my skills and experience, and her vision and passion is infectious.

Which parts of working life at TruRating would you rate a 9 for?
The people – skilled and enthusiastic people who work hard but know how to have fun. The product – a deceptively simple idea that has enormous potential.

"The product is a deceptively simple idea that has enormous potential."

Pete Salmon, Senior Solution architect

Building amazing teams across...



tech development

Tech Development



IT and operations

IT & Operations

marketing and product

Marketing & Product



customer care

Customer Care


Legal & Finance

Why we love working here...

Own part of the business - everyone gets share options

Work with talented and passionate people

25 days holiday no matter where in the world you are

We're flexible - we're all adults

Amazing team days and any excuse to celebrate

Everyday perks.

By far, the biggest perk at TruRating is the culture. But to top up that positive energy, we make sure your food and beverage needs are fully taken care off:


Start the day right

A variety of toast and cereal available every day


Stay hydrated

Free teas, coffee and soft drinks 


Keep it healthy

A mix of fresh fruit delivered twice a week

bacon sandwiches day

Sweet treat

Biscuits and chocolate aplenty. And amazing birthday cakes

friday drinks and snacks


Friday 4pm. Sonos tunes on, beers and snacks in

TruRating is international.

Current opportunities.

London, UK

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