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The only solution in the world providing real-time sentiment tied to spend, our patent-pending technology gathers powerful insights that your business can trust by getting a massive sample size of customer feedback at the point of payment, both in-store and online.

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Increase £ by improving experiences
Give your customers what they want and watch them spend more.
Measure your performance
Get a constant pulse of feedback so you know when and where to take action.
Gain a competitive edge
See how your business and individual outlets stack up against the competition.

How it works

Step 1

Switch on with ease

If you’re a small business, you can create an account online or via your chip-and-PIN device to collect feedback right away. If you’ve got lots of locations, get in touch and we’ll lead you through the easy activation process.

Create an account_TruRating
Create an account_TruRating
Step 2
Engage your customer_TruRating

Engage your customers

Customers are asked to rate any aspect of the experience as they pay in-store or online by answering one quick question with a push of 0 to 9.

Engage your customer_TruRating
Step 3

Receive actionable insights

We stream scores to your dashboard and mobile app, as well as send you weekly email reports with relevant insights.

Receive actionable insights_TruRating
Receive actionable insights_TruRating

Features that work for you

Whether in-store, online or both, TruRating is a flexible, multi-channel solution for engaging with customers. Connect and compare consumer sentiment to transaction and basket data in near-real time.
While just one question is asked per transaction, five rotating core questions drive your scores and enable benchmarking. Want to get specific? Ask anything with your own custom questions.
Stay on top of it by viewing our dashboard on the web or through our app at any time, or keep current through our weekly email push reports for timely, engaging data.

Join the thousands of outlets currently loving TruRating

4,000 weekly ratings drove

an 8% jump in customer spend

22% improvement in ratings saw

a 5% increase in revenue

Outlet benchmarking identified

$95k in lost revenue

Custom question showed value of marketing campaign as

21% boost in spend

Checking heatmap on mobile app helped

improve staff performance

Testing enabled

confident launch of new initiatives


This London restaurant chain sought a feedback solution that offered an objective view of staff performance and was simple for the customer to use.


They ran us as a trial for 7 weeks and received 4,000 weekly ratings. Just switching us on led to higher standards and operational consistency, as well as an 8% increase in customer spend.


Seeing improved staff performance that in turn drove customer spend, they adopted us as their feedback tool and we're being used as an input to distribute tips equitably.


Hearing from customers on a constant basis, data showed that satisfaction plunged at the end of the day at this grocery chain, just as the store's top-paying customers tended to visit.​


Management immediately took action, optimizing the labor model and retraining the staff on how to reset the store throughout the day.​


The changes drove a 22% improvement in ratings and a 5% increase in total revenue.


At this apparel retailer, we identified that sales clerks asking for their customers' names resulted in an increase in spend, however, data suggested inconsistent adoption of this tactic across stores.


Customers were asked whether they had been exposed to the tactic, and we measured each store’s adoption rate.


15 stores were not following the practice consistently, resulting in $95K of lost revenue. Head office re-trained staff and recaptured ATV.


This pharmacy brand’s marketing team questioned the ROI on their monthly catalog distribution, so they used our custom question feature to get answers.


They asked customers if the catalog had driven their visit. With a 73% response rate, they compared spend between customers who had and hadn't seen the catalog.


10% of customers came in because of the catalog, and on average spent 21% more. The ROI estimate enabled the marketing team to make data-driven campaign decisions.


This grocery chain compared its score heatmap with their labor schedule and saw that satisfaction suffered when managers were out of the store.


Store managers downloaded our mobile app and remotely monitored customer experience, pinpointing staff coaching needs.


Staff performance improved and managers were able to keep an eye on progress even when not in store.


This restaurant wanted to measure customer response to new initiatives including a brand and menu refresh, as well as price changes.


We measured customer satisfaction before and after the changes were tested in select locations.


As customers continued to give positive feedback after the changes, the restaurant owner was able to roll out the rebrand and new menu with confidence.