Every time you rate,
we donate

You have the power to change the lives of children all over the world, every time you rate. This is because at TruRating we believe that companies should share of bit of TruLove so we’re giving a helping hand to children who need it most.

It’s simple: the more you rate, the more we donate.

So go on, have your say when you pay and help us push today for a better tomorrow.

Here's how it works

Every time you rate in-store or online at any merchant that uses TruRating…
We give some TruLove away. The more you rate, the more we donate.
Vote which of our charities should receive the most below

Meet our Charity Partners and vote up to 3 times per day...

All the latest

We LOVE our charity partners and see them as an extension of the TruFamily. That’s why we run many events and activities throughout the year, from running 5km dressed as Santas to hosting BBQs for the kids… You can keep up to date with the latest by following our Instagram .

Suggest a charity

We are always looking for new charities to support. Please do get in touch with your suggestions.

How donations are determined

For every 10,000 TruRating questions asked, £1 or the equivalent currency by region is added to the TruRating charity pot. At the end of each quarter, the donations are split based on the votes displayed above. The charity with the most ratings receives 40% of the total donations, the charity with the second most ratings 33% and the charity with the least ratings 27%. TruRating may make additional voluntary donations to causes outside of our three core charities at any given tie. TruRating guarantees a minimum donation amount per quarter to each of our charities.