Question everything.

Don’t wonder what your customers are thinking - ask them.

Regardless of your vertical, TruRating has a fast, easy and cost-effective plan for you to collect customer feedback and turn insights into increased revenue and savings.

Shoppers who research a store’s website spend 38% more in-store than those who don't. Diners impressed with food and beverage menu choices spend 34% more than dissatisfied customers. Retail customers thrilled with customer service spend 35% more than those who are disappointed.

Flexible plans for your business


$59 /month

Why wait? We implement into your existing payment system with ease. Start collecting ratings right away.

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$0.00 /month*

Our multi-channel tool can track transactions online by asking one question on the confirmation page. Implementing through our JavaScript embed is a snap.

* Free for e-commerce sites with under 5K transactions per year

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A member of our team will organise a demo of TruRating for you, and can also take you through custom plans to suit your business.

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