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TruRating for your business.

Most businesses want to hear from lots of their paying customers, but don’t have the right tools. Most consumers want to feed back, but aren't given a convenient way, at the right time.

We believe that for feedback to be simple and honest for both customers and businesses, it should fit seamlessly into the overall customer experience. And so we've utilised a tool nearly every business already owns and that every paying customer will come into contact with at the point of purchase - the payment terminal.

Feedback like never before...

TruRating is the first service to collect accurate customer feedback from the majority of your consumers when they pay. By using the existing payment terminals in your business to ask each customer a single question, TruRating enables you to gather representative consumer ratings affordably and simply. Customers can anonymously rate an aspect of their experience from 0-9 (where 0 is the worst, and 9 is the best), with a single keystroke. All of your ratings are automatically gathered and collated daily in an easy-to-use analytics suite, so that you can use this insight to make business decisions quickly with confidence.

Get the customer feedback you need,

Most businesses hear from fewer than 1% of their customers, which means they often don’t trust the insight they do receive. We’ve found that most consumers are happy to feed back with TruRating and we’re seeing an average of 88%* giving their rating when asked.

*Source: TruRating internal stats April 2016.

...to make the changes that matter.

Such a high and accurate response rate means you can finally start getting customer feedback you can trust - and have the confidence to actually start making changes based on that insight.

It can be hard to appreciate the full impact of the changes you make day to day, whether that’s a new staff member, a change in the menu, or just a slight increase in prices. With TruRating, you can collect opinions on every part of your business, even asking custom questions to get insight on specific areas of the customer experience you offer that are unique to you.

You'll be able to:

  • link customer sentiment to spend and even basket-level data (POS integration required)
  • track your ratings at different times of the day and over periods of time
  • compare your ratings against anonymous competitors
  • benchmark the performance of individual branches against each other
  • monitor the impact that promotions, changes in operations, staff members, loyalty membership and even payment method all have on levels of satisfaction
  • create new opportunities and cost savings.

Putting it into context.

Perhaps one of your major competitors is running a sales event for a certain product range and you're considering following suit so as not to lose business to them. You could run the sale in just one of your stores and assess the results using TruRating. Is the impact of the sale on your core customer experience metrics and revenue strong enough to warrant rolling it out across all stores? Or does your data show that you're better off focusing on improving your service scores to bring in higher revenues and win business over your competitors?

Or maybe you want to introduce a new type of coffee bean for your coffee shop. The cost price is higher than your previous one, so you’ve had to pass the additional expense onto your customers. Using your dashboard you’ll be able to see if the new coffee bean is worth it, or if it brings down your ratings for value and experience metrics across the board. Essentially, it can help you quickly identify when something in your business isn’t working - saving you a lot of money and stopping you losing customers.

Ratings collection.

  • The terminal application: once activated, five core customer experience questions will begin appearing on rotation on your terminals during payment.
  • Customisation: You can learn more about what your customers think by adding your own questions via your online account.
  • POS Integration: our team can work with you to link TruRating to your till systems, enabling you to link customer sentiment to loyalty information and basket data. If linked to your POS systems, the TruRating question can be triggered to appear on the terminal as soon as the customer arrives at the till - capturing ratings from customers paying via any method and taking advantage of the dwell time. Contact us to get started with TruRating.
  • eCommerce Widget: COMING SOON! If you sell products and services online you'll be able to download our widget and start collecting ratings on the payment confirmation page. Such a tool will help you measure and compare sentiment on and offline.

TruAnalytics Suite.

  • One minute dashboard: a one-screen dashboard giving you a fast overview of the most crucial ratings insight and fast advice on where to focus your energies to increase revenues.
  • Overview dashboard: get the full breakdown of your ratings data and make key comparisons.
  • TruReporting: a more advanced tool letting you generate reports on areas most important to you.
  • Mobile App: your one minute dashboard insights, available in easy to use, on-the-go mobile format - so you never miss a beat!

Promotion for your business.

TruRating will offer an extensive global database of businesses and their validated rating scores - so you can search for the best businesses whatever service you’re looking to use. Our independent research found that 96%* of consumers will use the TruRating site.

  • Profile page: you can set up a free profile page for each of your outlets, display your real ratings, promote your business and win new customers.
  • Validated ratings scores: your great ratings can be used as a new promotional tool in their own right. Shout about them on social media, mention them in your PR and consumer marketing activity - show off what you've worked hard to maintain.

*Independent research by PureProfile conducted with 4,007 adults in UK, US, Canada and Australia, July 2014.

Faster, smarter customer feedback for businesses of all sizes.

TruAnalytics breaks down your ratings into a set of easily readable graphics, so that you can quickly take in key learnings. And if you only have a moment, our one-minute dashboard summarises the most important takeaways in daily/weekly/monthly snapshots. The dashboard even provides helpful tips that let you know which areas of the customer experience to improve in order to have the biggest impact on revenue. And your analytics are available on the TruRating for Business mobile app (available on iOS and Android), so you can check in on your performance whenever you want, wherever you are.

As well as providing you with data you can integrate, TruReporting can stand alone as a valuable tool for individual store managers. You can even tailor the level of analytical insight visible to each tier in your management structure, ensuring that the right information is in the right hands to best enact change.

Businesses that love TruRating say.

“We used TruRating to assess a recent 3-day sales event and saw that increasing our Value and Recommendability ratings by approximately 4% led to a 77% uplift in spend during the promotion."

- Clive Barstow, Head of Retail, Arco

"TruRating enables us to see ratings alongside spend and find out exactly what is happening in our restaurants at a group level and at each individual venue. This is exactly why TruRating is fantastic – to spot issues early and make improvements quickly and increase revenue with happy customers!"

- Nabil Mankarious, Owner, The Real Greek

"We are big fans of TruRating. We're on an expansion plan, and having the constant feedback from our customers as to how we're doing is invaluable. It's very easy to turn on and our customers like feeding back just how great our pizzas are!"

- Sandro Spahiu, Operations Director, Franco Manca

"We’ve been hugely impressed with the sheer volume of customer ratings we collect daily via TruRating. Ping Pong have been using the service for some time now. We regularly take advantage of the powerful pieces of consumer insight it provides to manage and grow our business. Feedback via TruRating is transparent and actionable – it is now our business’s key service metric."

- Mike Pearson, Operations Director, Ping Pong

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